ERA-IX Direct

Get Direct access through ERA-IX

Direct facilitates high-quality peering between your network and (your selection of) carriers available within the Direct offering.
Networks available on Direct have been selected to improve your user's experience to a new level!
Direct is available your existing port and can be enabled at any moment.


Some of the many benefits included with our Direct offering:

  • Remarkably fast setup times, getting you up and running within 24 hours.
  • Zero-hop access to hard-to-peer networks.
  • Capacity managed links to avoid congestion.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth up to your commitment.
  • Burstable bandwidth to get you through unforeseen surges.
  • Unparalleled cost efficiency through low commitment requirements and no additional setup fees.

Available networks

If you are wondering if a certain route is available through our Direct offering, you can use our Looking Glass. Of course There are also many other networks available to peer on ERA-IX!

Network Service area ASN Zero-hop Pay-per-use pricing
Liberty Global Worldwide 6830 Inquire
Full DFZ Routes* Worldwide 35133 €0,50/Mbps

Zero-hop networks are available in the peering LAN, ERA-IX will not perform a routing action on this packet in order to deliver it to the target network. The AS-path will not include our ASN!

* The full-table routes are not provided through the route-servers, and will require a separate session to be set up. Details are provided upon delivery.

Member List

Networks part of our Direct service offering are shown in our member list with a distinct DIRECT | PAID PEERING identifier.
Our Direct offering takes care of all policy involved and allows you to start exchanging traffic in no-time!

Got your attention? Here's how you get Direct

Step 1

Order Direct Capacity

Send us a message, e-mail or ticket regarding our offering, we will be glad to inform you regarding the possibilities.
We will help you decide whether Direct is appropriate for your network and assist as required.

Get in touch
Step 2

Direct is prepared

Rest assured, this shouldn't take long!
During this step we will perform the required steps to ensure a smooth service turn-up.

  • Network Capacity Planning
  • Required upgrades are performed
  • Legal settlement
Step 3

Direct is delivered

Your connection(s) to ERA-IX will receive the Direct routes through our route-servers. Route-server sessions are required. Traffic will start to flow.
We'll let you know if anything requires attention!

Want to know more?

Direct is available on all our locations. Even if the peer is not local to the datacenter.

We will ensure delivery exactly like other traffic on ERA-IX.

On the first of every month, usage will be checked.

Should usage exceed the commitment an invoice will be created.

The service is applied on a per ASN basis.

You will be able to burst up to the physical capacity of the link.

Should there be bandwidth contention, we will review who is exceeding their commitment by the most and reduce traffic by dropping/reducing routes in the appropriate direction to the contract-infringing networks.

For this reason, maintaining a realistic commitment is important. Ensuring the right commit will make sure your usage will never be part of overbooked burst traffic.

We will never rate-limit your traffic.

Our route-servers transport the routes both ways without adding an ASN to the AS-PATH. When you are connected to the route-servers you will receive the routes from both route-servers.

You are not able to peer with the Direct networks directly, as this could cause problems during bandwidth contention.

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