AS2AS Statistics

Advanced peering LAN statistics.

AS2AS vs AS2AS Destinations

Our portfolio includes 2 unique features, AS2AS and AS2AS Destinations. The AS2AS statistics provide our members with information about which networks they are exchanging with across our platform. This enables members to find the cause of shifts in traffic, detect incidents and more.
AS2AS Destinations is an exclusive feature, providing members additional convenience when investigating traffic patterns. This is achieved by providing insight into the actual destination ASNs for the traffic traversing our platform.



In our customer portal you can find the AS2AS statistics. The top 10 networks you are exchanging most traffic with are shown in a list, showing which direction traffic is flowing and how much has been accounted. Clicking on the graph will reveal a graph displaying the last 24 hours of traffic between you and the selected ASN across ERA-IX.


AS2AS Destinations

With this feature, you will be able to view the final destination for traffic withing your (peers) network. This will allow pinpointing of any change in traffic pattern. By clicking on 'Graph Destinations' in the AS2AS Statistics, the AS2AS Destinations graph will be shown.

Traffic Accounting

The statistics shown are measured by taking regular samples of traffic across the peering LAN. These samples do not include the full contents of data packets, ERA-IX analyses exclusively L1 information and L2+L3 headers of packets for accounting. Any captured meta-data is deleted immediately after accounting has been completed.

ASN Resolution

To ensure completeness of the provided statistics, members are encouraged to maintain route-server peering sessions. When a peering policy has to be enforced, route-server BGP communities can be used to obtain the desired effect.