A new era of internet exchanging

The new revolutionary and challenging internet exchange in Amsterdam. Our goal is to shake up the IX industry by being innovative, reliable, and cost-efficient.

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Our services

A glimpse and overview of the services we offer.

Our innovative features

Features that distinguish us from other internet exchanges.

Alongside our default interface statistics, we also provide our members with detailed AS2AS statistics. These statistics will give you a fine-grained view into where traffic is coming from and where it is going across our platform. Allowing you to make informed decisions to manage policy and capacity.

Extending on our AS2AS functionality, we also provide graphs for the exact destinations of your traffic. For each flow across our platform, traffic is automatically accounted. This will give you insight into which (final) destination AS traffic is traversing our platform to. Both inside your network and inside the network or your peers. Enabling you to pinpoint the reason for any sudden change in traffic patterns.

To ensure your router can spend as much time as possible forwarding packets instead of replying to ARP requests, our platform will automatically handle ARP requests on behalf of your router. This allows your device to sit back while our platform handles the ARP requests. Minimising the time ARP resolution takes and the number of ARP broadcasts at the same time.

With our roots in security, we have ensured our route-servers are up to the latest internet routing security practices. Some key features provided include: IRR based route-filtering, RPKI route filtering, (in-band) community based policy enforcement. To ensure full continuity, our route-servers are monitored 24/7 and running on redundant dedicated machines.

Our platform

Reasons why our platform is revolutionary and game changing.


Game changing efficiency

ERA-IX is an initiative started to challenge the internet exchange industry. With our highly competitive and reliable exchange ports, we are making the price of € 0,0075 per Mbps obtainable. By being extraordinary efficient with power (consuming less than 10W per 100G port) we ensure our environmental impact is kept to a minimum.


High density hardware

Our platform is powered by industry-leading Arista equipment, renowned for their high performance and dense network switches. This allows us to offer an efficient and massively scalable network solution for terabits of data exchanging.

  • Highly Scalable Platform
  • Capacity up to 400G
  • Interconnected datacenters in Amsterdam

Support from humans

We are not a multi-million dollar company with a full-fledged team of 60 FTEs, or an IXP owned by a commercial ISP. We are privately owned, independent, neutral and very motivated to be the most innovative and competitive IXP in Europe. Our support team is powered by experienced network engineers, working hard to provide you with an unmatched exchanging experience.

Our locations

See where we are present and where you can connect with our platform.

Our blog

Stay up to date with our journey through our blog posts.

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Expansion into Equinix AM DCs

We're proud to announce our first expansion into a new DC, specifically Equinix AM7 in Amsterdam. This expansion is part of our strategy in order to offer our connectivity to the most concentrated and connected data centers in Amsterdam. From AM7 we are able to reach all popular networks inside Equinix...

Post image
Development Update #2

Good day and welcome to our second development update. In the previous update, we introduced this format to showcase new technical features and improvements at ERA-IX. In this second update, we are going to talk about our latest and exciting developments of the past months...

Post image
Milestone: One terabit of connected capacity

We started ERA-IX a few months ago to solve a "problem". You might think; what is wrong with current internet exchanges? Well, there is a lot to talk about this opinion, but let's park that for a future blog post. Our goal is to offer a more cost-effective, neutral, and innovative exchange experience...

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Dual Stack

Our platform was designed from the ground up to ensure dual-stack operation. IPv4 and IPv6 are both fully supported by our platform, route-servers and staff. Ensuring our platform and members are ready for an IPv6 enabled future.

300G Daily Traffic

Through our variety of members and high percentage of route-server peers, our platform is exchanging a dialy peak of 300G.

Meticulous Statistics

Our advanced monitoring system provides detailed statistics. Some very useful statistics are made available for members to view, providing functionality such as AS2AS destinations.

Available Routes

Every member we add to our platform will be able to peer with our route-servers and instantly get access to the over 100.000 unique IPv4 unicast routes.