ERA-IX introduces the Marketplace

Published 2024-MAY-09 | Announcement

Here at ERA-IX, we follow developments and innovations eagerly, with a small and agile team we can build and innovate new features quickly. This is also something we have done since our successful launch in 2022.

Since our founding, we quickly realized that there is no future in traditional internet exchange like we know them before 2022. They are old giants still running on their former glory, with massive non-agile teams, sometimes not even in-house, dusty management/salespeople in fancy clothes, immense high prices getting close to IP transit pricing, and as the cherry on top calling themselves innovators when finally inserting a 100G-LR1 transceiver into a switch.

So how are we changing this status quo? Our goal was to offer a platform that is honest, driven by the community, and by innovation, while keeping the costs as low as possible for our customers. Introducing features like in-depth statistics, extra security mechanisms, ultra-fast turn-ups and customer service, and support from an actual NOC engineer. Generally, we are transitioning from a standard internet exchange, towards a complete interconnection platform. And thus this new feature was born.

After working closely with the community and our partners, we are proud to release the ERA-IX Marketplace. It's a place where members can get even more out of their ERA-IX port expanding their network using our official Marketplace partners. These partners offer their additional services over our robust platform. Of course, this should be possible on every IX, but with our Marketplace we did most of your homework by officially listing providers that offer services on the ERA-IX fabric while also facilitating the initial communication between customers and providers.

Best of all is, that it's completely free for our members. For providers, we charge an additional, but small and humble fee so we can keep the lights on. Are you interested in offering your services through the Marketplace? Reach out to us to learn more. Stay tuned as we are adding more providers soon!

So how does it work?

Visit our Marketplace, optionally click on the service you are looking for as the table will be automatically sorted for you. Once you have found a provider, click the "Request Quote" button. You will be redirected via a new windows towards our portal where you will find the following form mentioned below. Note that it's required to log into the portal as a security measure.

Once you have filled in the required forms, click "Submit" to proceed with your request. Our system will automatically email the provider you selected and send a confirmation to your supplied email. The provider will have your supplied details in order to provide you a quote. Please note that we simply facilitate the initial communication, what happens after that is not the responsibility of the Marketplace.

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