Expansion into over 50 data centers in the Netherlands

Published 2024-MAY-06 | Announcement

It has been a while since our last blog post, but as you may know, we're quite active on Linkedin. So let's post an update about our most recent development!

We are happy to announce that ERA-IX is now available in over 50 data centers across the Netherlands, through our lovely partner i4Networks. i4Networks is a well-established connectivity provider with an impressive footprint in even the most outer data centers in NL. With our new partnership, it's easier for networks to connect to our platform in various locations outside Amsterdam. i4Networks' is connected to our Nikhef core and no additional cross-connect is required, except the one in your desired data center.

Are you interested in connecting from one of the newly connected data centers? Reach out to i4Networks or our team.

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