Milestone: 3 terabits of connected capacity

Published 2023-FEB-06 | Announcement

Here we are with the first capacity milestone in 2023; more than 3 terabits of physically connected capacity. That means more than 3.000 gigabits per second of connected capacity, available to our members to exchange their precious packets.

When we started out in April 2022 we set out to shake up the industry, so far we are proud of the progress we’ve been able to achieve. Our first capacity milestone (1 terabit) was on August 29 last year, now we are here just a few months later with 3 terabits, thank you to all our members for their trust and support!

This milestone wasn't just reached by doing a "sit back and relax" mode. Behind the curtains, we were extensively working on our backbone to support the predicted growth of traffic between our locations. This work is still ongoing in order for us to introduce new locations like Iron Mountain AMS-1 and in the future even cross the border to Frankfurt.

There are still many new members in the process of joining, so why not hop on board? We currently have a 3-month free trial on 10G/100G ports in all locations!

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