New branding and website

Published 2022-NOV-28 | Operations

Welcome to an exciting update! This time it's about our branding and website. As you may have noticed we silently launched our new website this weekend, but now it's official.

As were establishing more presence in real life we thought it was about time to create some presence online, so we have developed a fresh new website that reflects our ambition. With this new website, we offer more in-depth information about our platform and our goals.

So what's new?

We now have dedicated information about our platform, listed as Technical resources, like our Route Servers, BGP communities, Port Configuration guide, and AS2AS statistics. On each of these pages, we give more context on how to fully utilize our platform's potential.

New good-looking graphical statistics, fully interactive with the visitor, powered by more precise data.

Want to share statistics with your friends, and tell them how cool we are? The new graph offers the ability to export to SVG, PNG, or CSV.

Finally, also an interactive map of our points of presence. Remember to keep an eye on this map, as we have the ambition to keep expanding.

Check out our site to see all the improvements at and let us know what you think!

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