Expansion into Equinix AM DCs

Published 2022-NOV-21 | Announcement

We're proud to announce our first expansion into a new DC, specifically Equinix AM7 in Amsterdam. This expansion is part of our strategy in order to offer our connectivity to the most concentrated and connected data centers in Amsterdam. From AM7 we are able to reach all popular networks inside Equinix AM1/2, AM5, AM6, and AM11.

According to PeeringDB, Equinix AM7 is the second-largest facility in Amsterdam, in terms of network presence (192 networks as of writing). With the recent expansion of the Equinix AM7 data center, we believe there is a lot of room for new networks to establish a presence in AM7. With this point of presence, all established and new networks will be enabled to join our peering platform through a simple cross-connect.

Our new PoP is interconnected with our core location NIKHEF, allowing our members to exchange traffic across our platform.

Are you present in any of these data centers and do you want to connect with a fast-growing, innovating, and feature-packed IX? Get in touch with our engineers directly!

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