Milestone: One terabit of connected capacity

Published 2022-AUG-29 | Announcement

We started ERA-IX a few months ago to solve a "problem". You might think; what is wrong with current internet exchanges? Well, there is a lot to talk about this opinion, but let's park that for a future blog post. Our goal is to offer a more cost-effective, neutral, and innovative exchange experience. And with this post, we are happy to announce that our mission is succeeding, as we have reached the massive milestone of 1 terabit of connected capacity (sold to networks, not available capacity).

While most people around the world are enjoying summer, with all its perks, we have managed to connect new members every week. So how did we manage to do this in such a short time frame during vacations? We believe it's simple! When we started to design the ERA exchange platform, we decided to set 100G ports as default, allowing us and our members to scale rapidly. Combining this with innovative features like advanced statistics and extensive routing security, then as a cherry on top pricing it aggressively and cost-effectively. Due to this, most larger networks tend to pick the 100G port and thus allowing both to grow rapidly. By the way, we also offer 10G ports!

What does the future hold? New technical features, a new user interface, and more importantly expansion to new data centers. Where do you want us to expand? Let us know!

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