A new era of internet exchanging

Published 2022-APR-07 | Announcement

Internet exchanges should facilitate highly cost, port and environmentally efficient connections between the networks making up the internet. With internet exchanges sometimes even challenging the price of IP transit providers we think it's time for a change - A new era of internet exchanging. We are starting with 100G ports at very competitive pricing. Our 10G ports are aimed at lower volume network who would like to become a member of our internet exchange.

To be able to provide competitive pricing in an economy with very volatile prices for energy and goods, our focus is on being efficient with resources, and pass those savings onto our members. Our network has been designed with efficiency at it's core. This allows us to price 100G ports lower than would otherwise be possible for internet exchanges.

Our initial pricing for 100G ports will be just €495,- per month. Depending on the selection of media either €500,- (100G-LR4) or €250,- (100G-IR4) will be charged as a set-up fee.

Of course being priced competitively does not make up for a poor technical implementation, for that reason we are ensuring all important features to get started are here right from the start, with more advanced features being added later.

Our route-servers support filtering or tagging based on IRR and RPKI, various BGP communities to manage your traffic across our IX.

10G ports are available for €95,- per month. with a one-time set-up fee of €100,- (10G-LR). The features are consistent between 10G and 100G ports, allowing all members to enjoy our internet exchange to the same extend.

Interested in joining? Please get in touch with us at sales(-at-)era-ix.com!

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